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Created 29-Oct-13
67 photos

Red-breasted Merganser - Drake Stroll on the BeachRed-breasted Merganser - FemaleRed-breasted MerganserRed-breasted Merganser - Female Wing FlapRed-breasted Merganser PreeningRing-necked Duck - DrakeRing-necked Duck - FemaleRuddy DuckLesser Scaup - MaleLesser ScaupLesser Scaup - Female in Golden WaterMottled DuckMottled DuckHooded Merganser - MaleHooded Merganser - Wing FlapHooded Merganser Wing FlapHooded Merganser - FemaleHoody with AcornRing-necked DuckNorthern Shoveler

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